Aqualift to ActiveGel Rebranding

In 2015, AQUALIFT, a popular, highly effective, widely used in cosmetology, medicine, was decided to rename ActiveGel. Later fillers were produced and sold under this brand. ActiveGel is a unique material that meets generally accepted standards, the requirements that apply to such medical products. The company's developments have quality certificates that comply with the GMP system. In the manufacture of products for the cosmetic sphere, plastic surgery, innovative technologies and approaches are used to make the process of creating the product perfect. The implementation of the EN ISO 13485: 2012 system made it possible to check the finished fillers more thoroughly.

The newest methods used in the work and the influence of the National Center for Medical Technologies made it possible for the brand to reach a higher European level. Managed to establish a full production cycle. Manufactured products for the medical cosmetology area are monitored at each stage of its manufacture. The result is a unique tool endowed with excellent properties. The effectiveness of ActiveGel has been proven in many clinical trials. A special quality policy has been introduced in the industry, aimed at capturing and retaining the trust of customers in the innovative implant. Material is easy to use, it is completely safe for any group of patients, regardless of age. For example, the drug is often used in pediatric urology for problems with the bladder.

ActiveGel a new site

To restore beauty, youth, health, to become more attractive. Isn't every woman dreaming of this? Now it has become possible. ActiveGel will help to maintain attractiveness, improve the appearance of the newest development for cosmetology and medicine. Unlike many, the drug has no side effects, it is completely safe to use. It can be used for medical purposes even for a children's group of patients. Now it's not a problem to buy ActiveGel in Ukraine. Go to the new site by clicking on the button, choose the most suitable innovative tool.